To Save Lives

Approximately 290,000 women and over 3 million newborns die each year of complications resulting from pregnancy and childbirth. All over the world, educated midwives can make the difference between life and death for women and newborns. Right here in St. Louis, we have the opportunity to make that change!


Currently, Jamaa Birth Village provides care by the only Black Certified Professional community-based Midwife in the state of Missouri and has trained over 80 Black community Doulas in the St. Louis region since 2016. Midwives of Color who live and practice in communities of color with rising rates of infant mortality & premature births have the unique opportunity to assist in decreasing those disparity rates. Donating to our campaign will ensure that Midwives of Color will provide care in marginalized and at-risk communities, improving health equity, lowering the costs associated with pregnancy and birth while saving lives.


Lower Untreated PPD & PMAD​

Up to 20 percent of all pregnant women and new moms will develop a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder (PMAD) that requires treatment. These include postpartum depression or anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and postpartum psychosis.

Certain factors can increase a woman's risk of developing a PMAD, and the risk factor at the top of the list is living in a low socioeconomic strata; not having completed high school or higher education and employment status (not having a job or only working part-time), as well as an increased likelihood of raising a child alone. For women in low-SES, PMAD prevalence ranges from 25 percent to 40 percent.


By giving today you are funding our initiative to integrate a Mental Health Counselor into our Equal Access Midwifery Clinic ensuring that every woman we serve will receive preventative Mental-Emotional care, be screened for PMAD pre-concepiton, during and post pregnancy, and provided care by a Mental Health specialist. 


To Change Lives 

Women help build stronger families, resulting in thriving communities with less poverty and more productive economies. Helping more women survive pregnancy will result in stronger healthier communities. A mothers who experiences pregnancy complications and/or death impacts:

  • Financial stability

  • Mortality of children

  • Families staying together

  • Children's education

  • Health and nutrition of the family

Help change lives by giving today. Our programs center the entire family helping to end the generational cycle of poverty.


Increase Well-Being 

Continuity of care can help to eliminate many healthcare complications that arise in pregnancy due to stress, inadequate nutrition and lack of routine check-ups. Jamaa Birth Village seeks to fill the gap of poor health by providing on-going weekly postpartum care up to 2-months, whereas the current OB model only sees women once and rarely twice postpartum often times in the 4th and 6th week, increasing the likelihood of missed complications, morbidity and mortality. 


We also seek to increase patient-provider relationships by providing care during the lifespan of the woman, from menarche through Menopause. (Continuity of care) Midwives can perform annual gyn exams including pap smears, diagnose and treat routine female infections like vaginitis and cystitis, discuss and prescribe birth control options and diagnose & treat sexually transmitted diseases. Our Midwives will consult with OB's, Specialty Physicians and Natural Doctors if a woman's care is more complicated than within the midwives scope of practice. Give today to ensure women are well prior to pregnancy and beyond! 

Restore Black


Despite a long history of midwifery in the black community, black women currently represent less than 2% of the nation’s reported 15,000 midwives. Relatedly, black women and infants experience the worst birth outcomes of any racial-ethnic cohort in the United States. (K. Goode, 2014)


By increasing access to Black Midwives and Birthworkers of color, any woman of color who so desires will be able to have the care, support, resources, information and education to have a healthy full-term infant and to live to see that infant grow up to be an adult. The United States CDC shows excellent birth outcomes for midwife-attended deliveries. (2009) Give today to integrate Midwives of color into Perinatal care and to increase positive birth outcomes for St. Louis families!  



Restore our Community 

Solutions to the maternal health crisis for Black women exist and should be led by Black women. Although marginalized women face certain barriers in accessing this care, we believe they can overcome them with the right guidance and information.


 Jamaa Birth Village is answering the call by meeting expecting families in the community, listening to their needs and allowing our Black lived experience to curate a beautiful space of community based care, restoring our city one pregnancy and one birth at a time.


Give today to ensure that Jamaa Birth Village increases positive maternal health outcomes for families. St. Louis is the Show Me State, so, show us your support and help us restore our community to a thriving place of wellness!


For more information about our Campaign priorities, please visit our "Adopt A Room" Campaign page launching Friday May 29, 2020 at 9am cst.